Welcome to Valencia Boutique

WELCOME TO THE VALENCIA blog where we discuss all things fashion and beauty. The concept for Valencia Boutique started when there was a noticeable lack of trend based stores that were targeted to the plus size customer. This later had me asking the question of why "plus", "curve" and "standard" , "straight" size clothing can't live equally in the same space, offering women on both ends of the spectrum the identical experience without styling or merchandising favoring one side or the other.

 All of the clothing we carry has been chosen so that the upper and lower ends of the size range all have a similar aesthetic and color palette to ensure we offer as similar a selection to all our clients as possible. Valencia Boutique has worked tirelessly to ensure that we offer a size inclusive range of XS-3X at all times. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that all styles come in XS-3X (we wish) but that we stock brands that carry sizes within this range. We are always on the hunt for brands that carry sizes larger than 3X but for now this is the upper limit.

Valencia specializes in dresses for all occasions, so be sure to see us for the next party, wedding or special event or when you just want to treat yourself to something special.

We have plans to open a bricks and mortar store in Spring or Summer 2019, so follow along on whats going to be a really exciting ride. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to visit V by Valencia!! 




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