5 Ways to Style Your Hair Bows

5 Ways to Style Your Hair Bows

The “Girly” trend has been big for the last six months and we are here for it! Very specifically the bow trend has been huge. We have embraced this trend with open arms here at Valencia and have been loving the hair bow trend specifically. We have even found some unconventional ways to style your hair bows!



A half-up and half-down is a timeless and easy way to wear your hair bow! Arguably the most popular way to style it as well. You can't scroll through TikTok without seeing a half-up hair bow tutorial video.



The beauty of these bows is that you can use them for more than just your hair! Take a classic blouse and transform it into a chic statement in a matter of seconds. Just take the clip and slide them over the buttons.


A ponytail is a classic hair style that can be transformed into a super chic style by just adding a bow! Try pairing a high-neck chunky knit, jeans, and a ponytail with a bow and you have a chic but effortless look.

Low Bun

A low bun is a staple when you’re nearing hair-wash day. What would make a low bun look even better? A bow!


Bows on sweaters have been wildly popular, but what if you could achieve this look without having to buy a new sweater? Simply just add your bow hair clips to your favourite sweater and you have a whole new way to wear it!

The options for styling a simple hair bow are endless!

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