About our team

Valencia Boutique was created with the dream of providing an inclusive place where beautiful women can come and shop for beautiful clothes. At Valencia we never want your dress size to stop you from having the same boutique shopping experience as everyone else, Valencia is here to make YOU feel good! In March 2019 we opened a brick and mortar store, so that we can interact and help our clients face to face. Our new location is 10-725 Corydon Avenue.We are so thankful that you have taken the time to visit V By Valencia and hope you love all the pieces we have picked out for you.

Paige, our owner with a background working in the buying team of a large Canadian retail chain, strives to bring you the most up to date relevant fashions but keeping a classic and contemporary feel. For as long as Paige can remember she has always loved dresses, and the ease of an all in one outfit. That ease mixed with a deep rooted love for feminine clothing has always had her dreaming of one day opening a dress shop. This dream has now become a reality and we could not be more thrilled to offer a selection of dresses for all occasions. We know that not everyone loves dresses as much as we do so we stock an assortment of styles to suit everyone's own personal style.

McKenna, is our customer service specialist, making sure that you are always happy. McKenna has an eye for street wear and all things beauty related which makes her the perfect person to complete the Valencia team. You can also find McKenna modelling in most of our web images.

Alex, photographer extraordinaire captures our product and brand perfectly, ensuring that we have the most attractive web content possible. Alex is also passionate about having authentic photography without the use of excessive editing, striving to capture images of real women. Alex also owns a photography company Xandra Photography specializing in wedding & boudoir.

*Pictured left to right: Alex, Paige, Mckenna