After the RSVP - Breaking Down Wedding Dress Codes

Wedding season is quickly approaching us and the hunt for the right attire for each wedding you’re attending is on!

There are many things to consider when deciding what to wear to a wedding. First and foremost, always check to see if there has been a dress code given. Often if the couple wants a specific dress code, they will indicate it on their invitation or on their wedding website. Wedding dress codes typically include the following; Black Tie, Formal or Black Tie Optional, Semiformal, and Casual. Some couples even include a link on their wedding websites that have attire inspirations, or they have colour palettes to follow or avoid!

If there is no dress code indicated, then the next step would be to base your attire off of the location of the wedding. Do a quick Google search on the venue, it can give you a visual of the wedding’s style. Is it a garden wedding? Maybe it’s at a modern art gallery? A quaint restaurant? Is it on a beach or at a cabin?

Deciding what to wear can feel daunting, which is why we have put together a wedding attire guide for you. Use this as inspiration for you to decide what to wear to your next wedding!

White-Tie and Black-Tie

White-Tie is the most formal wedding attire, think White House State dinner formal. Floor length gowns with jewelry, heels, and an elegant clutch! Black-Tie is the second most formal wedding dress code and typically means the wedding is in the evening. A floor length gown or an elegant pantsuit is acceptable!


Cocktail attire is a popular dress code choice. It is a balance between elegant and comfortable. Instead of floor-length dresses, you can opt for tea-length or midi-length.


Dressing for a semi-formal wedding is taking into account of the time of day the wedding is being held. For evening weddings darker colours are preferred, and for daytime weddings opt for light colours and fabrics. Midi-length or knee length dresses would be the preferred length or a jumpsuit!


A summer sundress or a shorter length dress would be perfect for a casual dress code. Often casual dress codes mean the event is being held outdoors, like a garden party!

Tropical or Destination

Tropical weddings are usually very hot and humid, and you will want to take this into consideration when picking your wedding guest attire. For this type of wedding it’s best to err on the dressier side of caution. If you’re not sure that what you have chosen is dressy enough, it probably is not. Go with your gut feeling. Consider a bit dressier sundress for this occasion!

Dressing up for a wedding should be fun and not stressful. Have fun and embrace all aspects of the wedding. Be sure to check out our dress shop  for all your wedding guest needs!

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