Body Positive Influencers That We Love

Body Positive Influencers That We Love

Social media has become such a predominant part of our everyday lives, and it is important that the social media we are ingesting is positive for us. Curate your social media feed with positive people who practice self-love and encourage you to be who you are. Here is a list of the Valencia team’s favourite body positive influencers!

@thebirdspapaya on Instagram

The Birds Papaya

Sarah Nicole Landry, also known as @TheBirdsPapaya is a mom to four who uses the power of social media to be a body confidence advocate. Sarah is raw and real about life, motherhood and owning your body.

@recoverywithcarly on Instagram

Recover With Carly

@recoverwithcarly is an eating disorder survivor turned eating disorder therapist who works with people to help them give up dieting, recover from disordered eating and find happiness and acceptance with theirselves no matter their size. Carly is the host of a podcast called Recover with Carly and has created a curriculum for adolescents on eating disorder education and awareness.

@danielleisanxious on Instagram

Danielle Is Anxious

Danielle Catton who is also known as @danielleisanxious is a inspiration speaker and content creator who is working to make a difference in the world and help people feel good about themselves. Danielle has struggled with poor self and body image and low confidence due to a battle with mental illness and disordered eating. Danielle shares her day to day life and Danielle's journey to self-acceptance.

@brynstagram on Instagram

Brynta Ponn

@brynstagram is a content creator who promotes individuality and body positivity. Brynta shares relatable day-to-day content that promotes loving your body and yourself. As her bio says “Life Is Too Short To Be At War With Your Body”.

@aliciamccarvell on Instagram

Alicia Mccarvell

Working tirelessly to promote self-love @aliciamccarvell is someone you definitely want to follow! Alicia is paving the way for self-love and self-acceptance, sharing her life and showing that accepting yourself and not trying to “fit in” will make your life so much more full and enjoyable.

The journey to body positivity is hard and takes a lot of work. The most important things to remember are that your body got you to where you are today, to stop comparing yourself to others, and that we are trying to create a new world for future generations. This change will not happen overnight, and will not be easy but we owe it to ourselves and our future generations to change the narrative surrounding our bodies. One of the best ways to do this is by curating the content you are ingesting on social media everyday with people who have similar body positivity values.

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