"East Coast Summer" Aesthetic Is Going Viral

"East Coast Summer" Aesthetic Is Going Viral

The timeless charm of the “East Coast Summer” aesthetic has become one of this season’s most popular styles. The combination of old-money charm and classic nostalgia has taken over TikTok and people can’t get enough of it. Inspired by those who frequent The Hamptons, Cape Code and Nantucket - this trend is a journey back in time to an era of minimalism and elegance.

Dressing in the “East Coast Summer” style you feel as though you have been transported into a word of clean sandy beaches, beautiful mansions framed by white picket fences, and the best seafood you will ever eat. The East Coast summer towns are known for their timeless staples and refined details.

We have created a style-guide for you to achieve a “East Coast Summer” from wherever you are in the world!

Linen Dress

A linen dress is an effortless and easy way to achieve the East Coast Summer style, pair it with some gold jewelry for an elevated look!

Open Knit

Nothing says beach-town vibes like a a loose open knit top paired with some light wash jeans or a skirt.

Linen Pants

The ultimate East Coast aesthetic, it does not get more Hamptons than a pair of linen pants, paired with a white knit and some gold jewelry to top it all off!


Stripes anywhere and every which way, you can’t have enough stripes.

East Coast Grandma

“East Coast Grandma” has been a rising trend, think cutesy florals, bows and lace.

Gold Jewelry

Nothing says old-money elegance like some sleek and shiny gold jewelry, a great way to elevate any outfit!

Dress so you feel like you’re sipping wine in The Hamptons from anywhere in the world!

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