European Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

European Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Summer wedding season is in full swing and a big trend this year seems to be European destination weddings - we can thank Sofia Richie for that.

Europe tends to have more fun with their fashion in in general which works out well as another big trend with weddings this summer is bright and bold colours!

We have highlighted a few of our favourites from our dress shop for your next European wedding adventure.

Fantastic Floral

The Curve Lotus Dress is a perfect choice for a European wedding, blending elegance with a touch of romance.

Graceful Glamour

With its rich colour and elegant silhouette, the Pleated Halter Maxi is perfect for sipping Prosecco on a cobblestone terrace.


Amalfi Aura

The Curve Aura Maxi captures the essence of a sun-soaked celebration by the sea.

Ruffle Radiance

The perfect dress for dancing under some twinkle lights - the Ruffle Maxi Dress will have you swaying your hips all night long.

Sparkling Sophistication

Shine as bright as the Eiffel Tower in the Curve One Shoulder Sequin Dress.

Timeless Touches

The Alize Halter Maxi Dress offers you a timeless style with some modern touches - with the low back and bow halter detail. Go bright and bold and choose the pink instead!

When choosing the perfect dress for a European wedding, remember to blend timeless elegance with a touch of modern flair, ensuring your attire reflects the joyous celebration and picturesque surroundings of this occasion!

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