Pinterest's New Feature ‘Body Type Range’

Pinterest's New Feature ‘Body Type Range’

Pinterest has been the main source for fashion inspiration for over a decade now. Much like Instagram, Pinterest has seen a lot of backlash for their promotions surrounding diet culture and thinness. Pinterest has been taking steps to combat this issue by changing the industry standard on products and policies to ones “that promote a positive, diverse and inclusive experience.”

To further promote positivity, diversity and inclusivity, Pinterest dove head first into the world of AI to develop a technology that delivers a greater representation of diverse bodies in its search results. Pinterest has launched a new innovative tool, “Body Type Ranges” which gives user the choice to self-select what body types are featured in their search results for women’s fashion and wedding ideas.

“Body Type Ranges” puts the power of choice in the hands of the user. When searching for women’s fashion or wedding inspiration a new filter will prompt you to filter by body types in an effort to create a more representative overall platform. The filter uses AI to identify a range of body types where users can then select one of the four listed body type ranges that best reflects them.

How To Use Body Type Ranges

  1. Open the Pinterest app
  2. Select the search icon
  3. Type into the search bar (e.g. “Date Night Outfits”)
  4. Click body types at the top of the search results
  5. Select from a range of body types 

Pinterest partnered with the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA), model and size advocate Tess Holliday and multiple creators to consult on the plus size communities needs.

Tess Holiday states the following on the new initiative: “The presence of authentic representation on a platform, without having to add size or shape modifiers to get what you want, has never been more important to the emotional well-being of young people globally, I am immensely grateful to have been part of Pinterest’s journey to shine a light on plus-size individuals and show everyone else that genuine change is possible.” 

This is a step in the right direction in body positivity and allowing us to have some control over the content we are observing and ingesting. We are finally seeing what hard work and determination does, this is a win we should celebrate and is a great motivation to continue the fight for equal opportunities and acceptance.

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