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Taylor Swift Era's Outfits

If you have watched any TikToks or Reels over the last two months, you will of seen many Taylor Swift Era’s Tour outfits. Watching people get creative with their outfits, matching their look to one of Taylor’s albums inspired us to come up with Era’s Tour looks from the store!



Taylor Swift’s Debut era was largely casual, with her often seen sporting a short sundress, or boho style dress and cowboy boots. Our Ruffle Sleeve Midi, Tiered Sundress and Curve Tiered Mini are all the perfect dresses to dance your heart out to Our Song!



With the success of Love Story the style surrounding Fearless reflected the Shakespearean theme from the Love Story music video. For a more subtle look, try for flowy dresses or anything with a corset-esque look! The Embroidered Tulle Maxi Dress or the Tulle Midi Skirt paired with the Curve Corset Top or Cropped Corset Top will transport you right into the Love Story music video!


Speak Now

The Speak Now era can largely be categorized into three colours: purple, red and gold. The Summer Lovin’ Midi Dress, Ruffle Mini Dress and Sequin Maxi Dress will be sure to make Sparks Fly!



If you were on Tumblr during the Red Era, you’re probably intimately familiar with the aesthetic. Probably the easiest to dress for, mostly made up of black and white outfits with red accents– particularly red lipstick. Our Mimosa Short and Pallas Moto Vest , or our Curve Cropped Blazer and Curve Mini Skirt, both paired with our Panama Hat will tell everyone you’re feeling 22!



The 1989 Era brought in a lot more colour. One of Taylor’s most famous red carpet outfits was from this era, when she paired a orange bandeau top with a fuchsia skirt. This looks is easily re-creatable with our V by Valencia Luxe Suit in Magenta, paired with the Orange Lace Trim Blouse or the Square Neck Corset Top in Tangerine. Live your Wildest Dreams in this bright and bold 1989 Era outfit!



A stark contrast to 1989, the Reputation Era brought us an edgy side that had not been seen before, with almost exclusively all-black looks. The Puff Sleeve Cutout Midi, Curve Puff Sleeve Babydoll Mini, or the Nikki Dress will have you feeling Gorgeous! Add the Black Rhinestone Wrist Pouch or the Black Rhinestone Shoulder Bag to give your look a classic Taylor rhinestone moment.



A major 180 after Reputation, pinks and blues– are the major theme of Taylor’s Lover era. The Cut Out Midi, Sparkle Maxi and Curve Bow Detail Midi will have you living your best Lover life! 


Folklore + Evermore

Folklore and Evermore era gave us sad girl autumn vibes in both music and style. Both coming out during the peak of the pandemic, the main themes were what we were all wearing at the time - cottage-core. Main themes of both albums included beige and brown, stripes and plaid, with the occasional smock-style dress thrown in and of course: cardigans. Our Almeria Linen Dress, Curve Gingham Midi and of course the Hooded Cardigan will transport you back to the Folklore era of 2020.



Midnights era has given us a lot of 70s style fashion, with colours like pea green, cornflower blue, orange and brown! The Classic Dress Pant in Camel or our Floral Midi Dress are the perfect options to embrace that 70s style look!


As Taylor said, We Never Go Out Of Style.


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