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Valentine’s Day 2023: Treat Yourself

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you are single, taken, or in a situationship, this is the perfect excuse to practice some self-love and treat yourself. Below we have rounded up some great ways to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Write Yourself a Love Letter

Sometimes it can be daunting to talk about our emotions, and this is even more difficult when it’s with one of the most important relationships you have – your relationship with yourself. Get yourself some fun new stationery and jot down the reasons you love and appreciate you. Think about all the things you have overcome, the things you have learned, how strong your body is and what it does for you every day. An easy way to start is by using the prompt, “I love you because …”.


Dance Your Heart Out

You are your own dance partner this Valentine’s! Letting loose and dancing is the best way to celebrate yourself. Dancing can help trigger self-confidence and help free yourself from self-judgment. Nothing says living room dance party like your pajamas and some fluffy slippers. The Valencia Team has curated a playlist of their dance-your-heart-out songs to inspire you. Below are the top 6 favourites!

Paige: Got To Give It Up – Marvin Gaye
Chantelle: Tongue Tied – Take Me To Your Best Friends House
McKenna: Blue Jeans (RAC Mix) – Lana Del Rey
Deena: Abracadabra – Qveen Herby
Katie: After Last Night – Silk Sonic (Sped Up Version)
Sophia: Good Girls Go Bad – Cobra Starship

Bring The Spa to Your House

Have a DIY spa night at home. It can be as easy as having a candle-lit bath, paired with bath salts and your favourite beverage within arm’s reach. Put on a playlist, and you are set for a relaxing and refreshing Valentine’s night! Pro Tip: add some fresh florals and milk to your bath to zhuzh it up.

Buy Yourself the Outfit

A big part of Valentine’s Day is gifting, so why not gift something to yourself? Get yourself a fancy V-Day outfit to feel extra loved and special. That shirt, dress, or jacket you have been humming and hawing about, it’s time to buy it! You deserve it, and you deserve to feel good.


Have a Date Night with Yourself

Sometimes spending time alone seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Put on that new V-Day outfit and take yourself out on the town! Make yourself a reservation at your favourite restaurant, where you can sip on your favourite cocktail, and enjoy some quality time with yourself. The Valencia Team has given their favourite spots for a solo-date dinner in Winnipeg!

Paige: Máquè
Chantelle: Magic Sushi
McKenna: Wasabi
Deena: Gusto North
Katie: Sous Sol
Sophia: Café Carlo

This Valentine’s Day invest in you, there is nothing wrong with indulging in yourself!

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