Radiant Reminders


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50 affirmation cards (2.75″ x 4.75″) for mamas wanting to change the conversation in their mind. These cards are specifically designed to help you practice positive self talk and increase your self-esteem.

Combined with the photos of a range of mom bods in all their radiance, this helps you detach your worth from your appearance. These cards are perfect for those mamas who:

  • are tired of hating their body and want to improve their body image
  • are ready for self-acceptance and want to feel good in the skin you’re in
  • want to practice their self-compassion and change self-talk

It’s also for mamas who know that that they want to armour their kids with self-love protection and prepare them to have a different internal conversation.Kids as young as 5 express dissatisfaction with their bodies (commonsensemedia.org).

These cards are a great way to teach appreciation for all types of bodies and focus on talents and strengths instead of appearance. You can use these cards as a way to set intentions for the day, a reminder of all your radiance as you drift off to sleep or during any moment of the day that you need a radiant reminder.